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Safexs Super Secure USB

Protected with AES256 bit XTS Hardware Encryption and FIPS 197 compliant, this small device comes packed with data protection features that will protect your data on-board the device and on the computer that you are working on.

Protect your Business & valuable data, order your SafeXs Protector drive TODAY!

Password Recovery Backup  Computer Lockdown

Password Rescue

Backup & Share

Computer Lockdown

Recover lost passwords with built-in Password Rescue functionality, this secure and free service allows end users or IT admins to securely unlock Safexs Protector in-case of a lost password. 

Compatible devices:

Protector XT, Protector 3.0

Powerful backup and sharing application, that allows users to backup their device and computer data, and securely share with anyone that has a Safexs Protector or the free desktop app.

Compatible devices: 

Protector XT, Protector 3.0

Lock down your Safexs device, as well as locking, logging out, or shutting down your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, protecting against unauthorised access.                       

Compatible devices:

Protector XT, Protector 3.0, Protect Basic, Guardian 3.0, Guardian XT


Auto Destruct

Anti Malware  Brute Force Protection



Brute Force Protection

Set the device to automatically wipe on a user defined date and time, perfect working working on a super sensitive document or if shipping the device between offices or to a business partner.

Compatible devices: 

Protector XT, Protector 3.0

Stop the spreading of malware with ClevX DriveSecurity, powered by ESET, this powerful AV engine will detect and delete all files that are infected with viruses.              

Compatible devices: 

Protector XT

Optional: Protector 3.0

Prevent against password guessing attacks by securely deleting the encryption keys after 10 failed attempts, with password complexity and a small number of attempts, your data will always be safe.

Compatible devices:

All secure drives


Cross Platform Support: Windows 10, Mac OSX 10.11 (EL Capitan) and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS all supported.

Developed in the EU: Designed in Sweden and developed within the EU, Safexs Protector complies with existing and future EU Data Protection Directives.



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