ITRAP Framework

ID: 2019/S 200-485545

The ITRAP (IT Related Accessories and Parts) Framework agreement is open to all UK consortia-affiliated universities and colleges of higher and further education, and includes the following product areas.

As part of the agreement we offer FREE delivery on orders over £50 excluding VAT.

Sub Category Example of products that fall within this category (not an exhaustive list)
Storage Media CDs and DVDs, USB storage media, tapes, portable hard disks, memory cards, other storage devices
Components RAM, graphics cards, Processors, hard disk, internal DVD/CD drive, virtual reality equipment
Virtual Reality Equipment Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Headsets, Haptic Gloves, VR Controllers, Trackers & Accessories
Displays, Monitors, Screens and Accessories Desktop monitors, display screens, Remote controls, docking stations, stylus pen for touch screens, display mounts and brackets
Telecoms Equipment Headsets, Telephone Handsets, 2 way radios
Cables Ethernet, USB, stereo jacks, HDMI, patch cables, video monitor cables, extension cables, fibre optic,
Power Related Accessories Batteries, Power adapters, chargers, power packs, PDU’s
Peripherals and Accessories Headphones, microphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse, webcams, scanners, wireless accessories and adapters, keyboard covers, voice recorders, External DVD and CD Drives, wrist rests, mouse mats,
Device protection and IT Security Laptop bags, device covers and cases, locking accessories, security cables and cages
Audio Visual Consummables Replacement lamps, bulbs, wall and ceiling mounts and brackets, projector filters, tape libraries, media cards, camcorder tapes and discs, cassette tapes
Special Needs Assistive Technology products Alternative keyboard, alternative mouse, mounting solutions, note takers and literary aids, speech and hearing amplifiers, switch interface boxes

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Head of Contract:

Richard Harland - Education Sales Manager DDI: 01509 274503