Meta Quest is a range of virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) headsets that allows you to experience immersive and interactive 3D content. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, aims to build the metaverse, a shared digital space that connects people, places, and things. Quest for Business adds the tools, support and warranty needed to deploy Quest headsets in an enterprise environment. The Meta Quest range consists of:

Quest 3 - The latest from Meta.

Quest 3 brings increased visuals, faster processor, improved controllers and lightweight design.

Discover the power of the Meta Quest 3, with the double the power of its predecessor, the Quest 3 guarantees outstanding performance and total immersion for your professional needs. With significantly improved resolution to immerse yourself in applications, explore new virtual worlds and experience an unprecedented level of detail. In addition to its technological innovations, the Quest 3 also has an impressively slim design. with a thickness 40% less than the Quest 2, so it’s more comfortable for long-term use. Plus the reduced weight improves the overall experience, allowing you to enjoy longer sessions without discomfort. A notable feature of the Quest 3 is its full-colour pass-through capability, allowing you to observe the real world around you in detail. Whether you want to integrate virtual elements into your business environment or simply stay aware of your surroundings while in use, the full-colour pass-through provides a seamless blend of the virtual and real world. Additionally, the Quest introduces 3 new and improved Controllers with haptic feedback lets you feel every touch and action in a realistic way, making experiences even more immersive. It's time to take your business applications to the next level with the power of the Meta Quest 3.

Quest for Business

Transform your workforce today. A Meta Quest for Business subscription makes it easy to scale the power of Meta Quest across your company, unlock new work solutions and empower new ways of working. With essential features such as user, device and custom app management, as well as customer support, Meta Quest for Business makes your Meta Quest devices work-ready.

User management Device management App Management
Manage team access to Meta headsets through the Admin Centre. Organisations can also manage and provison accounts through automated provisioning and integration with major identity providers. Device manager gives you direct control of all of your Meta headsets, with a built-in MDM solution alongside optional integrations with 3rd party providers such as Microsoft Intune, VMware, Workspace  ONE and Invanti. Through the Admin Centre, you can bulk provision, set device profiles and review device statuses, as well as configure certificate based wifi support, request PIN resetor remote wipe devices. Customise your organisations  work experiences with confidence. Admins can deploy and manage private apps to Meta headsets through the device manager via an APK link or through a dedicated business channel. Admins can also control which applications users can see and download by deactivating access to the Quest App Store in the device configuration settings  for managed devices.

Quest 2

A standalone VR headset, meaning you do not need to connect it to a PC or a smartphone to use it. You can simply put it on and start exploring VR. It has a high-resolution display, a powerful processor, and built-in speakers and microphones that provide stunning visuals, smooth performance, and spatial audio. It supports both 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) and 3DoF (three degrees of freedom) tracking. It has two touch controllers that let you manipulate virtual objects and use hand gestures to control the VR interface. It has a large and diverse library of VR apps and games that you can download from the Meta Quest Store. You can also access SteamVR content via the Air Link feature or the Link Cable accessory.

Quest Pro

Is a premium mixed reality device that offers all the functionality of the Quest 2 plus high-resolution displays, full-colour passthrough cameras, face tracking, and improved ergonomics. It is designed for professionals and enthusiasts who want to connect and collaborate in VR like never before.

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