Varjo’s products allow professionals to design and modify 3D models, train in realistic environments, and create limitless research scenarios – all with the pixel-perfect clarity that only Varjo can deliver. The headsets feature human-eye resolution, widest field of view, the world’s most accurate integrated eye tracking, broad software compatibility, and more. Varjo’s headsets connect via SteamVR to a high-end PC or laptop with a suitable graphics card and all headsets apart from XR-4 require an external tracking system such as SteamVR tracking. All the headsets are compatible with various software platforms, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Autodesk VRED, and Dassault software.

XR-4  – The newest and most advanced, highest-fidelity virtual and mixed reality headsets

The XR-4 Series consists of the XR-4, XR-4 Focal Edition and XR-4 Secure Edition are available with inside out tracking or Steam Tracking for existing setups. The XR-4 series has dual 4k x 4k displays with resolution of 51 pixels per degree (ppd) and over 50% wider field of view (120°x 105°) compared to previous-generation devices, with double the display brightness (200 nits) and wider colour gamut with 96% DCI-P3. The Varjo-ready software ecosystem includes over 100 third-party PC applications and 3D engines.

Aero -  – The lightest and brightest VR headset available for both professional and recreational use

Varjo Aero’s advanced ergonomics and reduced weight make it the most comfortable VR headset ever made. The device is designed to feel weightless, allowing you to escape gravity and be completely immersed in your VR experience. A perfected combination of our industry-leading three-point precision head strap, a carefully calibrated counterweight, and active cooling, make multi-hour VR sessions for flying, driving, or designing a pleasure to complete. Aero offers a generational leap in visual fidelity with a future-proofed optical design and stunning dual mini-LED displays.

VR-3 - Industry-leading visual fidelity

The VR-3’s full frame Bionic Display features the industry’s highest resolution across the widest field of view (115 degrees). With a resolution of over 70 pixels per degree in the centre of the field of view, you can see and read the smallest of details in virtual reality with perfect clarity. And with a colour accuracy that matches 99% with the sRGB colour space, everything looks exactly as it does in the real world. Varjo VR-3 is designed to enable professional-grade performance at the highest level. It features integrated Ultraleap hand tracking to perfectly capture your hand movements for highly intuitive interactions. Plus there’s built-in eye tracking at 200 Hz powering foveated rendering to show what you directly look at with high-detail accuracy – just like the human eye.

XR-3 - Photorealistic mixed reality.

The industry leading mixed reality headset guarantees the most naturally immersive mixed reality experience ever constructed. With precise and individually calibrated colours for unmatched realism, the Varjo XR-3 sets a new industry standard for visual fidelity across realities. Varjo’s mixed reality technology uses video pass-through that is vastly superior to the standard optical see-through systems used in other augmented reality headsets. With ultra-low latency (< 20 ms) and a high-fidelity 12-megapixel video stream, you can explore true-to-life virtual visualizations as natural extensions of the real world, as you effortlessly switch between XR, AR, and VR.

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