HTC VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform, built and optimized for premium Virtual and Mixed reality true-to-life interactions. Launched in 2016, Vive is one of the most popular headsets in the education and corporate market, supported by a wide array of applications. Built on the SteamVR and WAVE platforms, VIVE delivers on the promise of VR with game-changing technology and best-in-class content. Within the VIVE portfolio there's something for everyone.

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Vive Pro 2

The leading PC VR headset, using SteamVR, it fully utilises the power of the connected PC to deliver stunning graphics and superb tracking using the SteamVR tracking cameras and plus the ability to add additional Vive trackers which you can place on objects within the scene for added realism.  For those looking for an untethered solution, Vive Wireless adaptor gives you free roaming capability.

Vive Focus 3

The leading standalone enterprise VR headset, working untethered it offers unlimited freedom to roam, with content either loaded to the headset or streamed via Wif6 and wifi6e for maximum bandwidth. Vive Focus 3 has a rear mounted, swappable battery for maximum comfort and longer life, as well as robust design ideal for training and heavy use environments. The Vive Focus 3 can also emulate a PC VR setup, using Vive Business Streaming software connected either wirelessly or via the streaming cable.

Vive XR Elite

The newest mixed reality headset, with full colour pass through, a lightweight design it has received countless awards. Using the latest pancake lenses, the Vive XR Elite has the additional feature of dioptre adjustments for inputting your prescription directly into the headset. Users can also remove the swappable rear battery cradle and use the Vive XR Elite in a glasses only mode, or add the Mixed Reality gasket to position the headset for an optimum MR experience.

Vive Business+

Provides not only end user Support and a business Warranty but also additional tools for managing devices and developing LBE environments, contact us to understand which level is right for your company.

Business+ Standard – available for Focus 3 and XR Elite, comes free with every Business Edition headset or as an upgrade option to consumer unit, features QR code enrolment, group management, remote device monitoring, and Kiosk Mode.

Business+ Pro – available for Focus 3 includes everything in Standard tier plus UI customization and the VIVE Location-Based Software Suite, whilst Business+ Ultimate for Focus 3, adds custom boot sequence and remote content management.

See what's possible by adding VIVE Enterprise to your business, HTC VIVE brings brilliance to life through leading innovation, engineering breakthroughs, and helping to shape the future of human communications.

Contact the XR Team to discuss your requirements on 01509 274500