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RealWear provides a range of Android™ tablet class, head-mounted wearable computers for Assisted Reality applications in industrial, educational and healthcare use cases. These voice-activated devices provide frontline workers with hands-free access to critical data, documentation, and communications when they need it most. The devices have a screen that emulates holding a tablet at arm’s length, which can be positioned just below the eyeline, allowing the user to wear prescription or safety glasses when in use.

The devices can be mounted on a bump cap, via a head-strap or via clips that are compatible with most “hard hats” used. The devices can be charged, managed, updated just like an Android tablet, with a variety of apps available via the RealWear store, making them easy to add into a company’s network. PrimoXR can advise on compatible apps for remote assistance, digital workflow, training, and inspection

The company’s flagship product is the RealWear Navigator Z1, which is the next generation of intrinsically safe frontline wearables, it is certified for ATEX Zone 1 & CSA C1/D1 1.

Navigator Z1

Superpower your frontline teams in hazardous environments, with AI enabled, hands-free solutions. Built for Oil & Gas professionals in production environments to tackle operational inefficiencies, mitigate safety risks, and reduce the emerging knowledge gap from retiring experts. Experience hands-free communication and streamlined two way data sharing, that will revolutionize knowledge sharing for your frontline teams in hazardous environments.

The RealWear Navigator 500 Series offers the ultimate in flexibility with a host of incredible accessories. We’ve got modems, battery chargers, headbands, carry cases, hard hats and more – all designed for use with the world’s best hands-free wearables. We even have an amazing Thermal Camera Module!

Key features are;

  • 100% hands free - Voice based operating system, local speech recognition in loud areas
  • Completely dust tight - Earned IP66 rating. Complete protection against micro-particles
  • Powerful audio - Integrated speaker and 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection
  • Unmatched noise cancellation - Four digital microphones and advanced algorithms
  • Entirely water resistant - IP66 rated – Protected against heavy seas and powerful jets of water
  • Fully shock resistant - Resistant to 2-meter drops onto concrete from any angle

Navigator 500

The next generation ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker. Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. Safely reduce downtime, improve quality and employee productivity, while realizing significant ROI.

Navigator 520 with Hyperdisplay

Just when you thought frontline wearables couldn’t get any better than RealWear Navigator 500, RealWear has raised the bar with the introduction of our new improved eye box – the HyperDisplay!

Included with the new RealWear Navigator 520, the HyperDisplay offers a bigger, sharper, bolder image to make work on the frontline even better.

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