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    Precision anywhere, in every movement.

    The all-new object and full-body self tracker. VIVE Ultimate Tracker uses computer vision and two high field-of-view onboard cameras for high-performance positional tracking.

    Built for what you need

    The VIVE Ultimate Trackers allow you to bring multiple objects into your virtual space, from tools and training equipment to your entire body1. The easy-setup system is ideal for location-based multiuser training, location-based attractions, sports training, rehabilitation and therapy, and motion capture.

    Paired with two high field-of-view cameras, VIVE Ultimate Tracker doesn't require the need to be seen by a headset or external sensors. Developed to be unrestricted, the OpenXR-supported tracker is fully compatible with VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3. You can connect up to five trackers per headset or PC via Wireless Dongle.

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